2 months didn’t sound so long

by kuylerquijas

I wake up with the working class and drink coffee Monday through Friday.
It never wakes me up, I just yawn and feel sick to my stomach.
I guess I’m just tired and lacking the love my mother can’t give me.
I don’t need a xanex prescription to sleep all day or keep a smile off my face,
This distance is doing just fine.
I haven’t blown my money on pot yet but my brothers making bad decisions and won’t stop it.
I don’t really have much to say to anyone.
If I watched the news maybe I would but I’m too paranoid that they have an agenda and I can’t see the bigger picture like my brother.
I’ve only found comfort when I’m back seat in the wrangler with the top off or when it’s raining in bluegrass.
I can roll joints now and that’s pretty much all I’ve accomplished.
We don’t have to cruise out there so my tension begins to slack.
I begin to share moments I wish I didn’t lack and I’m crossing off the days until I move back.