But even God isn’t perfectly kind

by kuylerquijas

I wish I still believed in magic.
Back when matters of fact were less pessimistic and beliefs were only with the best intentions.
I’d like to live in a place for my mood isn’t altered whether or not pretty girls are around.
Somewhere where aren’t afraid to tell that tell other people that they like them.
A place where friends can become lovers and no one is afraid to get too close.
In a land where everyone has a say and nothing gets taken for granted. Somewhere where no one has an ego and you don’t have to train yourself to see gold.
To live in a time where there are happy songs about the rain and no one is afraid to get their hair wet.
All I’ll ever want is to have a passenger on the highway that doesn’t mind what I have to say.
Someone to pass me their cigarette without asking and love is truly everlasting.
It’d be nice if every life was seen as precious as it truly is and people don’t need drugs to see a reason to live.
I want to be in a place where all I need is some vitamin d on my bare-feet.
If being loud was in my nature I wouldn’t have to be in the shower to sing
But it’s just not that easy when the majority of the peace is silent and only the stubborn scream.
I want to live in a land like a dream with a feeling in my heart like a quarter got pulled from my ear and bought me ice cream.