by kuylerquijas

As beer drips off my bottom lip on to the couch,

I’m reminded of a few summers ago at my mothers house. 
The beer only threads the needle
But the way I feel keeps the string steady. 
I was longing for someone who wasn’t there. 
Someone who despite what they said, didn’t care. 
I’m thinking of missed encounters
And pulling the blankets up to my neck. 
It’s hard to be alone when you don’t want to be. 
It’s harder to break a heart that wasn’t meant to be. 
I’m happy with who I am
But rarely with where I’m at. 
A quarter full beer rests on the table
While I try to remember how to act. 
Lust leaves my mouth all day
While I think about love at night
But it doesn’t matter how I feel tonight
Tomorrow I’ll always feel alright.