I’ve been hiding from you folks

by kuylerquijas

You hide up in your bed all day
Wishing you had a girl to stay
But you never want to come and play
“I don’t like the games I just want to lay”
Well hon, I’m sorry it’s just the way it works.

You’ve got to pollinate dear.
No body here ever made a flower blossom
playing dead like a possum.

You’ve gotta shine your light
Even when you gotta stay out all night
Don’t you keep those lips tight
Unless you’ve been sucking on a lemon.

“Im sorry I just feel more like I’m in competition with a dead man”.
If you don’t run those worms will carry him
And it would be so embarrassing if you lost.
So pick those feet up no matter what the cost.

If you gotta pay you better leave a tip
And if your broke blow them a kiss
Because love is worth more weight than money.
I think all those business men are funny
With their pockets bulged out to their tummy.

Truth is, a lot of people don’t have it together
And the ones that do, do it all for pleasure.
Rest those little bloodshot eyes
Get out of bed and feel alive.
You only have 65 years until you die
And I’m telling you it’s just not long enough.