2 cornrows

by kuylerquijas

I’ve got this pretty little girl that I let cornrow my hair.
She drove me to a party and I left,
oh how I’m so unfair sometimes.
but I just wanna be clear
that it’s not because of you darling.
I just got a long drive in the morning
And honestly I kinda just want my bed.
And I don’t wanna wake up too late on the couch
At somebody else’s house
makin my roommates wait.
Cause I still need to pack my bags.
This whole week was a such a drag
Until I let you braid my hair so tightly.
and I still get complements about it nightly
Because I had it out for you.
Yeah I had it out for you.
I just needed an excuse.
I didn’t mean to leave you.
No I didn’t want to leave you.
I just had a good excuse.