waking up to buzzsaws

by kuylerquijas

Can you see it in my eyes from the streetlights through the blinds?
Is it apparent in this dim light what is within my sight?
I can see my eyes reflected but I can’t see it in your eyes.
I’m comfortable with you but we kiss with our eyes closed.
Maybe to reach for the safety of a dream
Like when we retract our lips the vulnerability stays with us.
It could be why you stay while I sleep
And we stay in bed until I have to leave.
It could be why when I come over
All of our friends hit the streets.
It’s the comfort on the sheets
It’s the feeling we can’t beat.
It’s the thing that keeps blankets on our feet.
It’s the thought of productiveness not being as sweet.
I feel it’s the fear of waking up.
That reality could be kind of tough.
The way going to class always sucks
Because dreaming always stays between us.
When I stare you ask what I’m looking at
And truthfully I don’t know.
It’s something that I can’t find and waiting for you to show.