Never Being Settled With the Exact Time

by kuylerquijas

There’s something about the way my insecurities tuck me in
After I’m a month in and worry about the sin
Everything’s good with an after taste of gin
And I get a little drunk and start remembering
How I kissed you two hundred times before noon
And how much I missed you sets in when I’m in my room
And I start thing about who’s crossed me
I feel real small like I need a car seat
I’m car sick on the high way though Nebraska
I’ve got sad things that I never want to ask you
Because I know that you’ve got gold
And your heart isn’t like your feet that stay so cold.
It doesn’t matter how much I grow old
I’ve got teenaged tendencies setting like mold
And one day I’ll grow up but it’s just not now
I’ve got this funny way of keeping me down
And it’s not just how I was treated by the ones I left
It’s not the absent taste of cigarette on my breath
It’s just something that my mind has kept
And my heart needs to forget.
Every person is a different chapter
And I keep waiting to find it in the epilogue well after
I’ve been sitting on the couch looking at the rafters
Wondering if my tragedies ring out with laughter
Or if they’ll cry and just stand by
Hoping for deleted scenes after the credits
Where the sun will shine
And I’ll cash in my debts
It’s just so hard living on two hundred dollars
And wanting to give you every single dollar
With my rent on my mind
And my habits not quite getting behind
I’ve got nothing but time
But I have a hard time being perfectly fine.