I Carved My Initials in the Mast

by kuylerquijas

I’ve built a ship inside a bottle
an the sails drape on an amber sea.
I locked something up and held the key up to swallow.
What it was I can’t remember for the life of me
but the deck starts to wobble I can still feel it in my chest.
I pledge allegiance while in a headstand
With my toes crossed and my heart uninvested.
Life isn’t going quite like planned
and falling face first into a breast
is like my feet digging deep in some sand.
The tide rolls high and I straighten my posture
with a cigarette in my mouth and a lighter in hand
I just keep feeding the imposter.
I’ve been at the end of the plank before
with my wrist tied and my heels holding on
while my back  getting tickled by a sword.
I asked the clouds to let me speak to God
and they put me on hold for an hour
just to tell me he spent all day planting trees in the sod
and I caught him in the middle of a shower.
I didn’t bother to leave a message
I just turned to friends and my mom’s advice.
Turned out to be like finding a ring in some wreckage
and finding out it’s too valuable for a price.
I think I can start to see a crest on the waves
With the wind on my neck I can see the shore.
A crack in the glass is a chipped link for a slave.
The bottle starts rolling until it meets the floor
Good God there was a hole in the bow and found a buoy.
Liberated from a tattoo decision made by a teen
and now feeling as I’ve awaken from a dream
I stick my fingers down my throat to reach the key
and will remain to tell the tale of the day washed up from the sea.