Cover Up

by kuylerquijas

Breaking up just means more cigarettes in my free time
And the first beer of the day tasting a little better.
It means practicing guitar a little longer
In my underwear in my room.
It means returning complements to girls I’m not into
And watching the neighbors from my porch.
Breaking up means I shouldn’t call you
When I’m tired of working and I need some rest.
It means I stay half awake all day
But never fall asleep on the couch.
It means I still have a lot left to say
But stay quiet because I can’t do that to you.

I put up new wall paper yesterday
And ran my hand across it today.
I feel the bumps from the paint I didn’t scrape
I hope they aren’t noticeable from far away.
I just pray that the paper stays on there
And that when people are over it won’t tear.
I couldn’t stand to see it bare
Like I saw you early in the morning.
The peach flesh tone of a woman out of breath
Used to surround me in this house.
Now I’m spending all of my time
trying to cover up all of my doubts,.