The Depression You Hold on to.

by kuylerquijas

I am the pain you will never hate
Because I leave before you’re awake.
I speak in a language you can’t translate
Until you’re on your own and it’s already too late.
Someday I’ll be able to find my light
But you know it won’t be tonight.
Speak my name only out of spite
And know that I will lose the fight.
We will both be happy in the end
Though I have lost you as a friend.
There will be so much time to spend
Lusting in ways that don’t seem pretend.
There will always be hearts at my feet
And there be shame if I deceit.
I don’t blame you if you think I’m a deadbeat
Because I kept our love in the back seat.
I continue to live the same narration,
Cutting ties to stagnate relations.
I know when I reach my salvation
There will be girls at my grave giving a standing ovation.