Minnesota Oak Trees

by kuylerquijas

We calmly lose our minds between the oak and pines
Watching the skies through kaleidoscope eyes.
With no reason to hide, we bring our bedroom outside. 
Don’t bother my tears that soak a lake into the covers. 
My head on your stomach just feels like the kinship of my mother.
The half moon rises as it gets colder and
You know where to find that safe spot on my shoulder. 
Constellations reflect off our pupils that are hungry for light
As we trade footsteps with animals throughout the whole night.
Leaving our heart at the fire, we share our love songs with strangers.
We dig our own spot deep into nature and live with the endangered. 
Those whose hearts are greater and always return the favor
And I understand why you never want to leave
So I sit with you and wipe my nose on my sleeve.
We keep on singing until it is no longer dark
And I understand why it’s home at harmony park.