Smile Good.

by kuylerquijas

Leave your wrists open
While keeping blood inside your skin.
You poses the strength within to cleanse the stains of impressionable sins.
With a sacrament of gin,
You shed fear like an article of clothing and let me in.
It is that same fear that manifests loathing and restrains you from growing.

Feel your throat clear from suffocation
And guide your respiration into meditation.
Just be patient.
See the relation of conversation and medication.
Adjust the orientation of the knot in your brain until it loosens.
There are illusions in translation of intention and perception
The speed of life is at your discretion
So smile like adolescence
Look for the bit of you that’s kind
And climb the fences in your mind

What you seek to find has been in your grasp
Since you’ve been skipping class and picking dandelions out of the grass.
So stay out past the street lights
Despite the bugs that bite.
Grass stains will wash off your pants
So don’t forget how to dance
Until you have to sneak words
In between deep breaths for air.
No matter how far you roam
You will hear the echo of your name
And know that you’re welcome home.