For the Reasons I Don’t Like Talking About Before We Met.

by kuylerquijas

I have a worried mind, but you always take the time to make sure I’m fine.
I know it’s hard to love through accusations of actions from people of my past,
But I remember you telling me that you felt like the worst people got the best version of you.

I wonder how many lovers wish they met when they were younger.
What it would be like if they met before their dreams were stressful,
and before they found out how easily words can be fiction.

Good months break down to weeks,
But our love is still sturdy.
Sometimes it’s just not saying much and holding on until we can get out of bed.
Sometimes it’s accidentally kissing your teeth when you are singing to me.

I’ve been appreciating you a lot lately.
I know we’ve been pretty lazy,
but I don’t mind blaming it on the weather.
We are still young in our endeavors
And you know I’m down for whatever.
I know that this will get better
And I’m fine waiting with you,
even if it takes forever.