Sweat it out

by kuylerquijas

I told you last August that this would never endAnd by this August, we will be leaving all our friends. 
I’m sorry I’ve been cold for the past dozen weeks
I just need you to take me with you to the heat. 

I can get struck with venom
And learn astrological lessons. 
My back against spine
Cactus water turns to wine.  

Emotionally, I’ve lived inside
To the point that my melanin is deprived. 
Now an hour from my bloodline,
Our faces can taste the lips of sunshine. 

Flowers will try to survive on the counter
As your eyes begin to lift from the floor. 
Our struggle is slowly becoming power 
As my eyes continue rising toward the sky.


Genetics make it difficult to put down our beer
But family will still plan visits early next year. 
Sickness found a home in both our heads
Stapling eviction notices, hoping we won’t end up dead. 

Daisies turn to marigold. 
We won’t see them when they bloom. 
I mean, 
We won’t die here when we’re old. 
We just need a little growing room.