About the Author

image(3)My name is Kuyler Quijas. I am 20 and currently am enrolled at Iowa State. I’ve been writing for about six years. I write more for therapy and frequently just to get out any demons that are bothering me to get a grasp on my sanity again so I don’t mind criticism. My whole poem thinking and writing process rarely takes more than 20 minutes. I write subconsciously (just write without much or any thought) and people seem to notice that my writing tends to feel human and speaks on many truths. I’m mostly active in writing in the winter (the weather seems to have an affect on my mental stability). I can write sweet poems but much of my writing is full of drugs, self pity, and lack of sexual satisfaction. Follow me and I’ll follow back and if you like my writing, share it.

I would like to have a poetry book one day, I already have more than enough content but I haven’t had much of a chance to organize them or earn enough money for it.

Oh, and also, I sometimes have lapses when I am self medicated and will throw some really dumb drug poems due to however I’m feeling. Sorry about those.

To add to this, as it’s been a year, I’ve recently had a sense of clarity in my life. I’ve put a real dent in my drug addiction and I’m opening up. Expect more thought out and lovingly lighthearted content in the future.
I know I hope to.